Contact Uber for refund



How to ask for an Uber ride to be refunded

Did your driver mess it up? Did he take the wrong route which took 2 days more to reach your destination? Did he insult you verbally? Did he sexually assault you? Did he try to run the car over you?

The whole responsibility of a Uber driver, is to get you from Point A to Point B, in the shortest way (time or distance). Everything outside this is plain driver courtesy.

If the driver arrived really, really late, kept you uninformed, couldn’t understand where you wanted to go, or didn’t take you to your destination, call or e-mail Uber customer support.

Uber tracks all journeys, your initial pick-up point and final destination address. If the driver took an unnecessarily long route, I believe, they will refund you, and warn the driver.

If the driver was rude, ungrateful, or similar, give a appropriate low feedback, and put your grievances in the feedback box. In most cases, I believe, Uber will take the necessary actions. You can also, e-mail them.

If it was an assault, anything else similar, they are all considered criminal offences in most places. You can approach the Police, and/or Uber authorities and appropriate action will be taken.

Email/Contact Uber customer service, and they will answer your queries and if it’s really that horrible, they will probably refund.

(I once got a refund because the driver accidentally cancelled the trip midway, and continued, and I was charged twice. It was a honest mistake though.)